At the outset of each case, we work closely with each client to devise a strategy that is designed to achieve that client’s goals. We recognize that in the area of family law there are emotional as well as legal aspects to each case. In order to effectively advise a client and to work towards that client’s goals, we work hard at understanding a client’s emotional needs and the legal aspects of their matter. In doing so, it is our belief that a client and their attorney need to work as partners in devising and carrying out a strategy to meet the client’s goals, and we provide each client with the individualized attention to do just that.

Our style is best described by the famous saying of Theodore Roosevelt: “Talk softly, but carry a big stick.”

While it is preferable to resolve a matter on fair and amicable grounds, we will only do that when it meets the client’s goals and is in the best interest of the client. However, when resolving a case amicably is not in the client’s interest or not possible, we are always prepared to expeditiously and fully litigate the matter in court.

We are strong advocates who focus on meeting the client’s needs while balancing it with a cost-effective process designed to achieve success. It is our belief that a successful case is not won when a client has been emotionally and financially devastated by the process.

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